Education and Montessori

Children learn and develop in many ways; through their imaginative play, social interactions, and having fun, being physically and mentally active, exploring new experiences, and building upon things that they already know and can do. Children who begin their education in a positive learning environment that is vibrant, purposeful, challenging and supportive stand the best chance of developing into confident and successful learners.


We use Tapestry, an interactive online learning journal that helps us record, track, and celebrate your child’s progress in the nursery. This platform allows us to work alongside parents to record observations, photos and videos of your child’s progress whilst at nursery, with the given opportunity for parents to comment on the content uploaded for them and to add their own content for staff to keep up to date, for example when your child goes on holiday or has a special occasion at home.


Our relationships with the children in our care are extremely important to us as they are the foundation for them developing into happy, confident, able and resilient young people.  We are positive role models in helping the children to understand their feelings, appreciate other views, make and maintain positive relationships. Through our warm, responsive and consistent care, children are encouraged to develop to their full potential taking into account their starting point, learning style and capabilities.


Our outside environments are richly resourced to support children’s all-round development and well-being. Physical activities are encouraged from birth, such as “tummy time”, crawling, “energetic play”, such as riding a bike, running, ball games or climbing to use the slide.