Fee Schedule from January 2020

“My name is Carole Anne Benson and I am the co-owner of the Tudor House Montessori Group. The group was formed over 20 years ago and I am so proud of all the settings in our group. I would like to thank you for your interest in my nurseries and invite you to telephone us for a visit. All six nurseries are small caring environments where the children can grow and flourish under the care of my qualified professional team of nursery practitioners. Many of my team members have been with me since I set up my first nursery.

We follow the philosophy of Maria Montessori concentrating in developing in children a lifelong love of learning. Montessori teaching encourages children to become able, confident and independent learners in harmony with the Early Years Foundation State (EYFS) (DfE2017). Our logo at all our nurseries is “Love grows here” which is evident when you visit us and we work towards excellence in every aspect of nursery life.

Call us on:

01444 241491

Our Fees from January 2020

Tudor House, Rosebud, Primrose House, Lavender Lodge and Snowdrop House

PAY FOR 4 DAYS AND GET 5TH DAY FREE if you book a full time place (5 days per week, 10.5 hours a day) fees are as follows:

0-3 year olds £256 per week
3-5 year olds £240 per week

Fees for ½ day sessions (7.30 till 1 or 1 till 6 pm) are as follows:

0-3 year olds £42.50 morning £39.50 afternoon
3-5 year olds £38.50  morning £36.50 afternoon

Fees for full day (10.5 hours a day) are as follows:

0-3 year olds £64.00 per day
3-5 year olds £60.00 per day

Hickory Montessori Nursery Fees 2020

Fees for ½ day sessions (8.30 till 12 or 12 till 3.30) are as follows:

14 months – 3 years £24.50 no change
3 years – 5 years £22.00

Fees for full day session (8.30 till 3.30) are as follows:

14 months – 2 years £49.00 no change
2 years – 5 years £43.50

Free Entitlement for the Hickory Montessori (existing and new parents)

Children are eligible for this the term after their third birthday

As you know this nursery is open 7 hours per day Monday to Friday.

As from September 2019 we changed the pattern of FE we offer at the Hickory

FE will be offered at a maximum of 6 hours per day with the additional hour charged at £6.25.  This charge will contribute towards the cost of consumables and activities provided e.g. paints, paper, pencils, cleaning costs, sport’s day, the hire of the King Edward Hall for our nativity play and Graduation ceremonies.  Also remember a Montessori nursery is simply more expensive to deliver.

By example, those using 15 hours of FE over 2.5 days would pay 2 x £6.25 plus 1 x £3.15 = £15.65 per week.  30 hours over 5 days would pay 5 x £6.25 = £31.25 per week (January 2020)

You can pay additional fees in the two blocks before the start of term and at half term.




 Children become eligible the term after their 3rd birthday

 Lavender Lodge, Tudor House, Primrose House, Snowdrop House  and Rosebud 

 Notes to Parents – Invoices JAN 2021 – APRIL 2021 for our day nurseries (Note rates unchanged from 2020 subject to review in April 2021)

 Your invoice shows the attendance you have requested.  As you can see from the attendance grid any pre-planned nursery closures, within the period, have not been charged.     If your attendance, as shown, is incorrect simply return your invoice to your nursery & a correct invoice will be issued.

The FE rate is the time set at the minimum to deliver the provisions of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).  West Sussex County Council require services outside of the basic EYFS provision to be charged separately.  The provision of meals falls outside the EYFS and as such are charged at a rate of £1.28 per hour.

 In addition the supply of consumables is also a chargeable item.   This represents all non-educational items to deliver the FE.  This includes, but not limited to, such items as wipes, sprays, gels,  paper towels etc and other non-educational materials used or purchased by the nursery.   These items are now charged at a nominal rate of £0.30 per hour of FE.

The combined rate for all additional items is £1.58 per FE hour.

The current universal FE provision is for a maximum of 11 hours per week, taken over at least 2 days, spread throughout the year, or 15 hours per week term time.  The universal hours of FE will automatically be applied by the nursery.   The number of free hours, allocated to your child, is shown on your invoice, at a zero charge.  The cost of meals and consumables is then added at the hourly rate above.   Any time outside the FE hours will be charged at a universal rate of £6.00 per hour.

Some of you are in the process of making a claim for an additional 15 hours (extended hours)  per week via the HMRC website.  Many of you have given me your details, but for those who are yet to receive your award, or need to refresh your existing claim, you need to provide the information as follows:- 

The HMRC  code 500, full name of child & date of birth, full address with postcode, full name of person who made the application, their national insurance number plus date of birth.  In addition details if you are using any of your FE at another nursery.

Details of your 30 hour claim must be submitted BY EMAIL ONLY to roy@tudorhousegroup.co.uk 

NB: if your child attends another nursery please indicate where you intend to use your Universal and Extended Hours.   Conflict between nursery hours will cause both FE claims to be rejected by WSCC.

The details you give must match those given to HMRC.  Any variance will cause your claim to be rejected. 

Should your claim be granted/not granted your invoice will be reissued to reflect the number of FE hours awarded/approved.      The nursery will not be responsible for any loss of FE for whatever reason. 

With extended FE this will be spread throughout the year to a maximum of 22 hours per week or 30 hours per week for Term Time only children.  

The total of your invoice is divided by 4 to give you an equal monthly payment throughout the period.  All payments are due in advance of the start of each month. For all children who have recently become eligible for FE a parent declaration will be issued for you to sign and return to your nursery.  

 Please note it is the parent’s responsibility to apply for 30 hours funding via the HMRC website and to reconfirm their eligibility when reminded by the HMRC. Parents are responsible to make sure the nursery has all reference codes within the appropriate time scale. 

Period of Notice

If you wish your child to leave the nursery you are required to give a month’s notice in writing.  Any Free Entitlement (FE) within the current cycle (Spring/Summer/Autumn) will be withheld by the nursery as part of the notice procedure.




All schemes are now closed to new entrants. 

We will however continue to accept vouchers until further notice.

If you have any questions please ring Roy Benson direct on 01444 254289