Parent Testimonials

Kind words from a few parents of our Rosebud nursery

Just a small thank you to all you lovely girls who have helped to guide E through her time at the nursery here.  As she seems to know you all by name, it shows to us how much she loves her days with you all.  Thank you all so very much (July 2019)

Nanna and Grampy

To all the staff at Rosebud

Thank you so much for all your care, support and for teaching me so much.  I’ve loved being part of the Rosebud family and will miss you all very much.  Love L (Summer 2019)

The Olsen Family

To all my teachers

I thank you all very much for helping me growing up, for teaching lots of things to me, for making my days so full and colourful!

I will miss you sooo much!! I will come and see you very soon!! V (August 2019)

The Vitale Family

Thank you all for looking after E like he was your own.   You have helped him grown into a lovely boy.   My husband and I have appreciated everything you and the team have done.  Many thanks again

The Saunders

“It’s great to see what Sophie is learning in a different environment, it’s good to see Sophie exploring messy play. The team are very friendly, knowledgeable, always caring and have children’s best interests”
“We love coming here and the staff are brilliant, so flexible and caring. Thank you”
“Love the environment, lots of fun and educational activities. Staff are lovely. Thank you”
“Abbie loves her time at nursery especially playing with her friends and learning new things especially Montessori”
“I am very pleased with how accommodating the staff are and couldn’t wish for a better place to send my children. I love seeing all the pictures and all their learning on Tapestry. The team members have been amazing with all of my children”.
Written by Rosebud parents during our parent’s evening in February 2019

“To everyone at Rosebud
We struggle really to find the works to thank you enough for what you have done for our son.
The never ending patience, understanding and support for us also, will never be forgetting. Nobody could have helped more.
Our son is so ready for school! I never in all my dreams thought that I would say this but you have helped make that possible, he’s got the absolute best start we could ever wish for.
Thank you for installing his love for Montessori, he’s loved it. With much love and thanks always”

“Dear all the wonderful Rosebud staff,
Thank you so much for all you have done for our son over the last 3 years. He was just 9 months old when he started with you, and (apart from us), you have done more nappy changes, meals, drinks, cuddles and teaching than anyone else. You have helped to shape him into the little boy we are so proud of, taught him about sharing and friendship, manners and responsibility. He will miss you all and we cannot thank you enough for all you have done. We are glad to leave you with his younger brother.”

Dear Carly and the Rosebud Team

Thank you so much for all your care and love you have given E and A over the last five years.   You have been fantastic and A has made lots of lovely friends (and E still wants to come back!).  A is looking forward to school, but we will all miss coming to nursery.  Thanks so much for everything.

The Paine family

“To all the wonderful teachers at Rosebud Montessori,
Well, when I had to go back to work after having our son and he was only 8 months old I felt nervous that I wouldn’t find anyone I felt confident and happy leaving my little boy with, but even from the 1st visit I knew he would be happy here and I wasn’t wrong! There were never any tears on leaving me, more leaving nursery at the end of the day.
Thank you all for your part in growing him into the confident, outgoing and loving little boy he has become. You will never know the amazing impressions you have all had on him.
I know he will miss you all very much but will remember the lessons you’ve taught him and the time you have had forever! Lots of love & thanks”