Parent Testimonials

Kind words from a few parents of our Tudor House nursery

“To all my best Teachers!  Thank you personally for creating a warm, loving and thriving environment for our first born.  We instantly noticed great progression and care when T started at Tudor House, which of course every parent could ever wish for.  You really do have wonderful teachers and role models, so keep up the ongoing hard work.   It is all appreciated and all noticed.  T herself has enjoyed her journey, more so her recent build up to “school” life has been a positive experience, that I put down to a combination of home and nursery learning environments.   Thank you for your ongoing care.” August 2020



The Bishop Family

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I’ll miss you dearly and will forever be grateful for all you’ve done.   A truly great nursery is hard to find, difficult to part with and IMPOSSIBLE to forget” August 2020

The Salt Family

To all the wonderful staff at Tudor House.   Thank you for all the love & care you have given to our daughter since Jan 2017.  She really has loved it!  I have always known, when I have left her in your care, that she was safe.  All your hard work is evident in the confidence she shows when coming through the Tudor House front door.   Many, many thanks – keep doing what you do because it’s just great! August 2020

The B Family

Thank you for helping me grow and for making me “The Little Girl” I am today.  You’re THE BEST I will truly miss you all (August 2020)


The S Family

“Thank you so much for all you have done for both our sons over the years.  They have loved being part of such a wonderful nursery – Tudor House.   We will miss you all terribly” August 2020

The C Family

To everyone at Tudor House

“Thank you so much for looking after our beautiful boy.  The years have flown by and he’s loved every minute.  Such wonderful and unique experiences – we couldn’t have wished for a better nursery”  August 2020 

The Scott Family

We just wanted to write you a heartfelt thank you message for all your care and teaching of our son H the past 3 years.  We have always felt the nursery is a special place with a wonderful team.  You have guided our son with love and patience.  This has been exemplified with how you have handled the challenges of the last few months during the pandemic.  We will miss you all greatly.  Thank you 

The Bridgett Family

“Dear Tudor House nearly 4 years ago our daughter started.  I still remember her first day.  I can’t thank you enough for the love, support and kindness you have shown my little girl.  She has loved her time at Tudor House and will miss it I am sure.    August 2020”

The George Family

“I am so glad you were my teachers as I’ve come to love you so….  I can’t believer I’m all grown up and now I have to go!…. I will remember all the fun we had ….. the memories I will treasure …. But now I have to move on and leave here forever”

I will miss you all lots and want to thank you for looking after me so well.  I have looked forward to coming every single year I have been here and I’m so sad that I have to say goodbye.  (August 2020)

The Moss family

Thank you to you all for being so passionate about teaching my son T.  I cannot thank you enough for your influence on my child’s growth.   You never fail to make my son feel comfortable and happy to be at nursery.   Thank you for being kind and thoughtful, for your patience and quality of care.  You are all amazing (August 2020)

The S Family

“IF I COULD INVENT A NURSERY, IT WOULD BE THIS ONE!” “It is with heavy heart that after 6 years we say goodbye to Tudor House. We want you to know how special your team are and how we feel very lucky that they have shown such love and care for my children during their time here. Tudor House is like a 2nd home to my children and I know they will find it very hard to say goodbye to you all.”

The Ball Family

“”We love seeing the observations and seeing her so happy on Tapestry.  It is fantastic in every way.” ”

The Corcoran Family

“We just want to say thank you for being so wonderful.  C has been well looked after and will miss you all terribly.  We are sad to be saying goodbye, as this time its forever.  We knew the minute we looked around Tudor House that it was the place for our older son R back in 2014, and then of course C in 2017.   Both boys always came out with a great big smile on their faces and with lovely stories to tell too.   Thank you to each one of you for being so lovely and keeping that cheeky smile on his face.  Wishing you all the best” August 2020

The D Family

“Thank you so much for the care and love you have shown our two children over the years.   Best of luck for the future, I am sure Tudor House will continue to thrive!”  (The Taylor-Bedfords August 2020)

“Just a big thank you for running such a wonderful nursery.  Your staff have wonderfully caring and have really shone through.  All the very best for the future” August 2020

The B Family

Thank you all for taking such great care of me.  I have loved being in the Poppy Room so much.  You have all helped me Grow, Learn and Shine!!  I will miss each of you so much.  Loads of Love Freddie (July 2019)

The Skinner Family

For everything you have done,  I learnt so much, I played so much, I was loved so much.  Thank you helping make me the Little Man I am. I will always miss and remember you.  George (July 2019)

The Rawson family

From the moment we walked through the door we knew that Tudor House was the nursery for our little one to become a part of… even before we knew our baby was a little girl!!

And what a wonderful place it has been for her.   She has been extremely happy with you since she was 10 months old and has been lovingly cared for and nurtured by all who have been part of her life with you.   She has developed into the most beautiful, smart, polite, caring, popular, kind, loving girl and that has been helped along the way by the fantastic team of people around her all these years, encouraging her to be the best of herself.

As parents, we have felt happy since day one knowing our  daughter has been looked after in a safe and secure environment.  We will be forever grateful to everyone for making her early years such memorable ones.  Thank you all so very much for EVERYTHING. 

S family (August 2019)

Dear Tudor House and Primrose House

I just wanted to send an email to all the wonderful Nursery supervisors who have been part of A’s and M’s educational journey. Both girls have settled in incredibly well and their transition from Nursery to the girl’s school has been seamless. Thank you to all that you have done with both girls to prepare them for Big School. They have been confident in their sounds and numbers and have both made new friends. A is a bundle of enthusiasm and M is so proud of all that she can do. Thank you all so very much and lets hope the Girl’s School continues to benefit from the excellent Early Years Foundation that you give in all of your Montessori settings. (September 2019)

Reception Class Teacher - Burgess Hill School for Girls