Term Dates and Events

Sport’s Days

Please come to our Sport's Days for children aged 3 +

Hickory, Lindfield and Primrose House Montessori to be held on Lindfield Common on Friday 24th May – please arrive by 12.45 with races starting at 1 pm 

Lavender Lodge, Tudor House and Rosebud Montessori to be held in St. John’s Park on Wednesday 26th June – please arrive by 1.15 with races to start at 1.30 pm

Further information about these events are in our nursery newsletters and on our parent noticeboards.

Graduation Events

Graduation Photos and Ceremonies

Graduation Photographs

The nursery photographer will be visiting the nurseries on the following dates to take Graduation Photographs for our school leavers.

Tuesday 2nd July – if not your child’s usual day please bring them in their full nursery uniform at the following times:-

Hickory 12.45 and collect 1.30 – Lindfield 1.45 and collect 2.30 – Primrose House 3.15 and collect 4.00

Thursday 4th July – if not your child’s usual day please bring them in their full nursery uniform at the following times:-

Tudor House 9.00 and collect 10.00 – Rosebud 11.00 and collect 12.00 Lavender Lodge 1.15 and collect 2.15

All children to wear full nursery uniform 

Graduation Ceremonies 

Wednesday 3rd July in the King Edward Hall in Lindfield Village at the following times:-

Hickory  – arrive 1.15 pm for a 1.30 pm start – Lindfield – arrive 2.15 pm for a 2.30 pm start – Primrose House – arrive 3.15 pm for 3.30 pm start

Wednesday 31st July at the Methodist Church in Gloucester Road at the following times:-

Rosebud – arrive 1.15 for 1.30 start – Lavender Lodge –arrive 2.15 for 2.30 start – Tudor House (Lavender Class) – arrive 3.15 for 3.30 start and Tudor House (Poppy Class)  – arrive 4.15 for a 4.30 start.

Our Summer Term newsletters  and parent noticeboard s will contain more information about these events.  We look forward to seeing you there. 

Term Dates 

Hickory, Lindfield and Lavender Lodge (term time only parents) - Summer Term 2019

Half term closures w/c 27th May for one week 

Last day of Summer Term – Friday 19th July 2019

Nurseries re-open Monday 2nd September 2019

Tudor House, Primrose House, Rosebud and Lavender Lodge (all year round children) - Summer Term 2019

Bank holiday closures:- Monday 27th May 2019

Summer August closure w/c 26th August (nurseries re-open on Monday 2nd September 2019)